Flora Fusion is one of the biggest producers of cannabis oil in the United Kingdom. Their mission is to produce high quality organic products from ethical and sustainable sources.

As part of a comprehensive redesign of the company’s existing identity, the studio drew a new logomark, designed packaging for its products and art directed company communications.

Photograph by Ed Park

La Maison De Furniture make a range of furniture based on a firm commitment to the environment, using only the unique pieces of reclaimed wood, and with all materials sourced in the United Kingdom.

The studio created a new identity for the company, redrawing its logomark and commissioning bespoke typography from Paul Barnes of Commercial Type.

In collaboration with Stephen Coates, we created an identity and packaging for St Mary’s, a nano brewery based in the crypt of a London church. The beer they sell helps support the groundbreaking youth work of St Mary’s Primrose Hill.

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